You Said It...

August 2018

The 2018 IAWJ Biennial helped us find the path and secure the goal, now we must get to work, it will not easy labor but together we must work to reach equality - Hon. Jovita Alicia Rojas de Bortoletto

March 2018

Judges have an affirmative ethical responsibility to act so that access to justice becomes a reality. In their presentations IAWJ judges demonstrated how they, by being vigilant, creative and practical, take steps to address obstacles that many women and girls face in the courtroom and in asserting their rights. - President Hon. Vanessa Ruiz

November 2017

"The IAWJ is a pillar to the national women judges associations, which feel strengthened by its presence and support." - Justice Nazum Ara Sultana, Bangaldesh

April 2017

"We [the Syrian judges] feel that we lost our family in Syria because of the war, but Allah has given us a new family in the IAWJ."