Thank You to Leslie Alden

As we all know, Leslie served as President of the IAWJ, Chair of the Board of Managerial Trustees, BMT Secretary and Chair of its Personnel Committee.

Leslie has devoted her entire legal career to this organization. She has worked tirelessly to support the IAWJ as she traveled the world attending IAWJ and Regional meetings, training programs and biennial conferences.

When serious issues arose, Leslie was always available with her wise counsel. She was never afraid to speak out about what was best for the IAWJ and we were the beneficiaries of her dispute resolution skills.

On a personal note, Leslie has been my IAWJ mentor for over twenty years. Leslie, we will miss you very much. We are profoundly grateful for everything that you have done for the IAWJ.

Remarks at the BMT Meeting on December 9, 2020 by Vice-Chair Tamarin Dunnet