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The IAWJ offers a unique opportunity for aspiring individuals interested in gaining valuable insights and experience in the realm of international law and women's empowerment. As an organization dedicated to advancing the role of women in the judiciary and promoting equal justice under the law, the IAWJ provides a dynamic platform for interns to engage with our global network of accomplished women judges, legal experts, and advocates.

Through our thought-provoking internships, participants will immerse themselves in projects that contribute to the advancement of women's rights, gender equality, and the rule of law on a global scale. Join us in our mission to make a lasting impact and be part of a vibrant community that drives positive change in the legal landscape.

Internship Opportunities

IAWJ welcome interns on a rolling basis for fall, winter, spring, and summer. Please, see below for more information.
Available positions in green (Click on the links for more details)

Programs and Partnerships Group:

Role Overview: 
Engage in vital legal research, track current events, and fulfill written assignments aligned with ongoing IAWJ initiatives. You'll also have the exciting opportunity to contribute articles on emerging themes from the justice sector activities, as well as engage in projects geared toward IAWJ members and partners globally.

  • Organizational Strengthening Coordinator

Role Overview:
Collaborate with the Executive Office Team at IAWJ to enhance our operations and systems. This position is an excellent opportunity to contribute directly to the efficiency and effectiveness of a leading global organization focused on justice and equality.

  • Co Impact Program Coordinator
Role Overview:
Work alongside the IAWJ programs team and member judges to address the barriers women face in entering, advancing, and excelling within the judiciary in specific countries including the Philippines, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, and Mexico. This role is pivotal in supporting and empowering women in the legal profession on an international scale.

Submit your CV, Cover Letter, 1 writing sample, and academic transcripts to

Communications and Membership Group:

  • Data Management Coordinator

  • Internal and External Communications Coordinator

Submit your CV, Cover Letter, 1 writing sample, and academic transcripts to

What do we offer?

You'll engage in dynamic projects, collaborate with esteemed women judges and legal experts worldwide, and contribute to advancing gender equality and justice on a global scale.

  • Internships will be for an academic semester (12 weeks; 15-20 hours per week) or an academic year (32 weeks; 15-20 hours per week). 
  • As part of these internships, compensation will be offered in academic credit.

Interns Voices


"I wanted to be part of something that changes this constant glass ceiling that we're always trying to break as women and as minorities in this system"

Sophia Estupinan, IAWJ Summer 2022

Program Intern

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“Working for the IAWJ this past summer has opened up countless opportunities to expand on my writing, social, and marketing skills. Not only was I able to contribute to research and article writing, it also allowed my personal goals of career readiness and independence to thrive."

Alyssa Invernizzi , IAWJ Summer 2023

Communications Intern


"I have always had the illusion of being able to contribute a little to the world. Having the opportunity to be part of a group of people who share the conviction that their actions have a positive impact is simply inspiring."

Alenka Salazar, IAWJ 2023

Program Intern