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La serie de documentos de discusión sobre América Latina se basa en el proyecto Jueces como Constructores de Paz y brinda recomendaciones redactadas por personas que imparten justicia en Colombia, Guatemala y México sobre cómo las y los jueces y las asociaciones judiciales pueden aumentar la seguridad, la independencia y la diversidad judicial mientras luchan contra la corrupción en América Latina
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This series of discussion papers on Latin America is a result of the Judges as Peacebuilders project
and provides recommendations drafted by local partners from Colombia, Guatemala, and Mexico on how judges
and judicial associations can increase judicial security, independence, and diversity, and counter corruption in
Latin America.
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Reflection about the International Day of Women Judges by our President Susan Glazebrook
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This International Day of Women Judges, the World Must Reaffirm its Commitment to the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda.
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This article discusses the much needed opportunity to reflect on the work that still has to be done to improve gender equality, both in the judiciary and in the law more generally.
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Published On 2/28/2022
Former NAWJ President and former IAWJ President Hon. Vanessa Ruiz to receive the
NAWJ Lady Justice Award for Humanitarian Aid at the NAWJ Midyear Meeting March 10-12, 2022.
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Published On 2/25/2022
The Public Law School of Hinche won the first edition of the national debate competition on human trafficking in Haiti
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Published On 2/23/2022
The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) in partnership with the National Association of Women Judges Uganda (NAWJ-U) and the International Association of Women Judges- Kenya Chapter (IAWJ-KC) is implementing a project to increase the effectiveness of prosecutions and reduce the prevalence of labor trafficking in Kenya and Uganda.
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Published On 2/21/2022
The IAWJ is thrilled to have the International Day of Women Judges and will host appropriate activities to commemorate it each March 10.
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Published On 1/28/2022
L'AIFJ organise actuellement une campagne de sensibilisation ciblant les étudiant.e.s universitaires, à travers un tournoi de débat entre 8 facultés de droit en Haïti. Cette initiative est mise en œuvre par le biais du programme BEST (Building Enduring System to End Trafficking), financé par l'USAID et co-mis en œuvre par LUMOS, CRS et l'AIFJ. Ce tournoi de débat vise à créer enfin cette importante conversation contre la traite des êtres humains parmi les étudiant.e.s en droit haï, tout en renforçant leurs compétences et leur sensibilisation en tant que futurs leaders des systèmes judiciaires en Haïti.
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Published On 1/6/2022
The brutal violation of human rights, as well as the ongoing destruction of judicial structures and the abolition of any independent approach to justice, with particular disregard for the rights of female judges in Afghanistan, once again gives us reason to show solidarity with those concerned and to call on the European authorities to provide the greatest possible support.
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Published On 12/3/2021
Please join an urgent effort by the IAWJ to rescue, evacuate, and provide support for courageous women judges who can no longer work and are now pleading for help – many of whom are in hiding without water, fuel, food, and electricity.
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Published On 10/20/2021
"They are women who had the effrontery to sit in judgment on men,” said Susan Glazebrook, President of the judges’ association and a justice of the Supreme Court in New Zealand. "The women judges of Afghanistan are under threat for applying the law,” she added. “They are under threat because they have made rulings in favor of women according to law in family violence, custody and divorce cases.”
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Published On 10/5/2021
The IAWJ is very concerned about the dangers women judges are facing in Afghanistan. They are our members and our friends and we hope they will all be rescued soon. We are thankful that some of our members are now safe and recognise the vital role played by the Polish authorities in the rescue of some 20 women judges and their families. These judges have now been in Poland for over a month and have received a warm welcome. We have great pleasure today in releasing this statement of thanks.
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Published On 9/20/2021
Judges in Afghanistan are in very grave danger.
Judges are at risk because they made rulings in terrorism and security cases in accordance with the law. They are at risk because of their rulings in criminal cases. They are at risk because, where required by law, they ruled against men in domestic violence, divorce and child custody cases. They are at risk because some of these judgments were made against Taliban members. In effect judges in Afghanistan are at risk because they upheld the rule of law and respected human rights.
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Published On 8/18/2021
IAWJ Immediate Past President, Judge Vanessa Ruiz, sat down with Christopher Booker from PBS News to discuss the current situation some of Afghanistan’s 250 women judges face.
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Published On 8/16/2021
The International Association of Women Judges (IAWJ) has grave fears for the basic human rights of women and girls in Afghanistan as the Taliban advance and take control of large parts of the country. This includes the right of women to live and work in safety and security.
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