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The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo celebrated its 14th anniversary

Medina Kadriu | Published on 11/3/2023

On October 23, 2023, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo celebrated the 14th anniversary of its establishment. The event commenced with a solemn ceremony held in Pristina, attended by high-ranking state officials, the diplomatic corps, representatives of the European Court of Human Rights, local and international organizations, members of civil society, the media, and academia, along with delegations from Constitutional and Supreme Courts from various countries around the world.

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The ceremony was initiated by Mrs. Gresa Caka-Nimani, the President of the Constitutional Court. An honorary speaker at the event was Mr. John R. Tunheim, a United States Federal Judge who led a team of American experts supporting the Constitutional Commission during the drafting of the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo in 2007-2008. The keynote speaker of the ceremony was Mr. Laurent Fabius, the President of the French Constitutional Council and a former Prime Minister of France.

Continuing the Court's tradition, the 14th anniversary was commemorated with an International Conference on the topic: "The Contribution of Constitutional Courts in Safeguarding and Enhancing Fundamental Values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, and Human Rights," which took place on October 24th.

The conference featured three panels, each focusing on specific aspects of the chosen topic. Each session was moderated by judges from the Constitutional Court, with Judges Remzije Istrefi-Peci and Selvete Gërxhaliu-Krasniqi among them. Additionally, presidents and judges from the Constitutional and Supreme Courts of various countries, including Turkey, Albania, Latvia, Austria, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Estonia, Lithuania, Croatia, and North Macedonia, participated in the panels. Representatives from the ECtHR, the Venice Commission, and distinguished international academics and constitutional justice figures also shared their insights, knowledge, and jurisprudence during these discussions.

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Kosovo is presided over by Ms. Gresa Caka-Nimani, who is a member of the IAWJ. The plenary of the Court currently consists of eight (8) judges, of which three (3) are women, including the Court's President. Judges Ms. Selvete Gërxhaliu-Krasniqi and Ms. Remzije Istrefi-Peci are also members of the IAWJ.

Watch the ceremony here!