Judge G. Helen Whitener elected to serve as co-chair of the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission

IAWJ member, Judge G. Helen Whitener of the United States, has been elected to serve as co-chair of the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission. This Commission is “charged with the mission of ensuring that all courts in the state of Washington remain free of bias so that justice might be adjudicated in a neutral and fair manner.” In this new chapter, Judge Whitener will play an important role in helping IAWJ fulfill its mission to promote equal access to justice. Judge Whitener was previously appointed to the Pierce County Superior Court in 2015. 

 Washington State Courts’ “Minority and Justice Commission was established by the state Supreme Court in 1990 to examine whether racial and ethnic bias exists in the courts of Washington, to determine the forms it takes, and to take active and innovative steps to overcome and prevent bias.”

As co-chair, Judge Whitener will aid in guaranteeing that Washington State Courts “treat each individual as an individual without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, physical abilities, or religion.” 

In her words, the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission

“has been at the forefront of addressing historical and systemic barriers faced by marginalized persons as they attempt to access the justice system.”

IAWJ extends its congratulations to longtime member, Judge Whitener, and wishes her all the best in this new chapter. We know she will continue to make the world a better place.